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org::openstreetmap::josm::gui::MapView Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::openstreetmap::josm::gui::MapView:


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Detailed Description

This is a component used in the MapFrame for browsing the map. It use is to provide the MapMode's enough capabilities to operate.

MapView hold meta-data about the data set currently displayed, as scale level, center point viewed, what scrolling mode or editing mode is selected or with what projection the map is viewed etc..

MapView is able to administrate several layers.


Definition at line 51 of file MapView.java.

Public Member Functions

void addLayer (Layer layer)
void addLayerChangeListener (LayerChangeListener listener)
Layer getActiveLayer ()
Collection< LayergetAllLayers ()
Collection< OsmPrimitivegetAllNearest (Point p)
EastNorth getCenter ()
EastNorth getEastNorth (int x, int y)
LatLon getLatLon (int x, int y)
OsmPrimitive getNearest (Point p, boolean segmentInsteadWay)
OsmPrimitive getNearest (Point p)
Collection< OsmPrimitivegetNearestCollection (Point p)
final Node getNearestNode (Point p)
final Collection< NodegetNearestNodes (Point p, Collection< Node > ignore)
Collection< NodegetNearestNodes (Point p)
final Way getNearestWay (Point p)
final WaySegment getNearestWaySegment (Point p)
final WaySegment getNearestWaySegment (Point p, Collection< WaySegment > ignore)
final List< WaySegmentgetNearestWaySegments (Point p)
Point getPoint (EastNorth p)
double getScale ()
String helpTopic ()
void moveLayer (Layer layer, int pos)
void paint (Graphics g)
void recalculateCenterScale (BoundingXYVisitor box)
void removeLayer (Layer layer)
void removeLayerChangeListener (LayerChangeListener listener)
void setActiveLayer (Layer layer)
int zoom ()
void zoomTo (EastNorth newCenter, double scale)

Public Attributes

OsmDataLayer editLayer
PlayHeadMarker playHeadMarker = null

Static Public Attributes

static final EastNorth world = Main.proj.latlon2eastNorth(new LatLon(Projection.MAX_LAT, Projection.MAX_LON))

Protected Member Functions

Projection getProjection ()

Protected Attributes

EastNorth center
double scale

Private Attributes

Layer activeLayer
ArrayList< Layerlayers = new ArrayList<Layer>()
Collection< LayerChangeListenerlisteners = new LinkedList<LayerChangeListener>()


interface  LayerChangeListener

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